Enabling patients and healthcare providers to collaborate, collect, and manage information on-demand through mobile, desktop, and cloud solutions.

REST Services

Mobile Apps

Big Data


What we are doing

We are working with a technology healthcare provider to deliver cloud and web services for integrating web, mobile, and desktop applications to benefit patient and healthcare providers worldwide. Through the use of RESTful web services, we are providing modern and consistent APIs to allow current and future applications the ability to easily access and exchange patient, hospital, and doctor information all in a consistent manner.

We are part of the team building patient portal software so patients have access to their hospital records and the ability to securely interact with their physician and healthcare providers.

We provide support for a suite of mobile applications started in 2012 by adding new features as well as keeping apps current with yearly iOS releases from Apple.

How we are doing it

We continue to build on a solid relationship that was established in 2012. Since then, we have trained over 100 staff engineers on both iOS and Android platforms. We worked alongside the client engineers to mentor and build the first generation of native healthcare mobile applications.

We are currently providing staffing, mentoring and expertise to the client’s engineering community on numerous platforms including iOS, Java, architecture, testing, and cloud technologies. Our consultants are aligned to individual teams to compliment the team technologies, goals, and objectives.


  • Java and Ruby RESTful web services following FHIR concepts for application support and information exchange
  • Reusable cross platform HTML5 and Ruby components
  • iOS native for mobile apps adding new features and supporting Apple software releases
  • Building big data and cloud infrastructure