Improving guest experience through the use of innovative solutions and bleeding-edge technologies.

Apple Wallet

Apple Watch


What we are doing

Working with a major hotel entity, we are redesigning their flagship iOS and Android applications to radically transform the guest experience by creating the perfect mobile travel companion. Guests are now able to add hyper-localized services and products to their reservation using Apple Wallet and iBeacons located throughout the property. We built their first Apple Watch application that was one of only a handful of selected watch applications selected by Apple to be featured in the keynote address at the Apple Watch launch event.

How we are doing it

About Objects architects and engineers are mentoring client team members while working side-by-side with them to develop applications for iOS, watchOS, and Android. This approach allows the client to take full advantage of our team’s extensive experience on the mobile platform, as well as in full SDLC enterprise development. We are also working closely with the client to fine-tune their process and methodology in areas such as Agile principles, DevOps best practices, and code reviews, yielding dramatic improvements in code quality as well as sharp reductions in the number and severity of production issues. And we are helping to achieve significant reductions in time to market by instituting automated testing practices and continuous integration.


  • Apple Wallet for rewards and reservations
  • Apple Watch (watchOS) for quick guest information (e.g., rooms ready, open door keyless entry)
  • iBeacon for hyper-localized services to capture real time data for user interaction and preferences
  • Real time chat integration with SalesForce for customer and hotel staff interaction
  • Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) for the Internet of Things (IoT) (e.g., automatic check in, kiosk interaction, ordering food and beverage)